Help Your Clients Succeed 

GRID provides finance to Irish SME’s around the country. We tailor our solutions to each individual business’ needs, to ensure that your client gets the best finance solution, that fits their business.

We’ve previously worked with many partners including; Commercial Finance Brokers, Financial Advisors, Business Referrers and Accountants. If you think a partnership is something you’d be interested in, we would love to hear from you.




24 Hour Decisions

Upon receipt of a full application, our credit team can approve your client within 24 hours.



Flexible Repayments

Our cash advance facility offers flexibility around what works for your client’s business.



Quality Customer Service

Due to us having a diverse product range, you are able to offer your clients quality customer service, by knowing what financial offerings are available.


Become a GRID Finance Partner


Support your clients and earn attractive rewards at the same time.